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Website Design

Does your website fit today's screens? Ensure maximum visibility with reponsive web design.

If your website wasn’t built with responsive web design, it probably does'nt show up the way you want it to on today’s new screen sizes.

That’s where we can help you to connect with your audience, using the right message and the best technology. We will ensure your audience connect with your business whenever, wherever, however they want to.

Website Design

Mayo Digital Media will guide you through the best possible design and layout for your online business at the same time taking in to consideration your ideas and requirements.

Our designer will take you through the initial needs assessment and continue to discuss the progress of your site through to launch and there after regarding maintenance.

Needs Assessment & Content:

Important things to remember:

  • How often will your website need updating?
  • Do you already have brochures that can be used for copy on your website?
  • Do you have images, if not we may be able to contact suppliers for you.
  • Do you already have a brand image that we can implement into your website?
  • What will your content consist of?
    • Articles
    • Blog
    • Banner advertising
    • Discussion forum
    • Video
    • Documents (usually PDFs)
    • Video (i.e., embedded from YouTube or Vimeo)
    • E-commerce
    • Forms for contact, quotes or something else
    • Physical products (how many?)
    • Digital content (what kind and how many?)
    • Email newsletter
    • Event calendar
    • Event registration
    • Image gallery
    • Outgoing RSS feeds (your content syndicated to other websites)
    • Search facility
    • Social media sharing links (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

These are just a few of the questions our designer will ask.